Cindy Bradford recruits Thelma

Cindy tries to impress Thelma about the Theta Gammas, her sorority at the Alliston Girls' School in "Thelma's Scholarship".

Cindy Bradford
Randi Kallan as Cindy Bradford
Randi Kallan as Cindy Bradford in "Thelma's Scholarship" in Season 2
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Student, Alliston Girls' School (MI) / Recruiter and Member, Theta Gamma Club on campus
sent to recruit Thelma for her sorority, only as a requirement to fill a racial quota established by the school
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "Thelma's Scholarship" (Season 2)
Character played by: Randi Kallan

Cindy Bradford is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode of Good Times titled "Thelma's Scholarship". The part of Cindy is played in the episode by Randi Kallan.

About Cindy Edit

Cindy, a member of the Theta Gamma Sorority at the Alliston School for Girls, whose wishes to recruit Thelma for their sorority, who was granted a free scholarship, the prestigious boarding school in Michigan that has a college scholarship which is to cater to needy students.

Cindy, who appears on the behalf of the Zeta Gammas, her girls club at the school which acts as a sort of college fraternity, as the club's president had heard news of Thelma's scholarship, and sent her to recruit Thelma.

Cindy tries hard to impress Thelma in saying that the Gammas raised $32 for the NAACP, and that they support busing and public schools. She doesn't reveal the true motives of the club, at least not until Thelma says she would like to look into the other sororites on the campus, as she pleads "But we need you!" The fact that Cindy doesn't reveal her fraternity's motives in wishing to recruit Thelma to be part of the club as a token Black in their fraternity to fill a quota required by the school for clubs such as the Zeta Gammas to remain in operation. James refers to it as "CQ" or "coon quota".

After Thelma, with the agreement of the whole family, turns down the sorority's offer to her, Cindy, in a snooty manners says, upon leaving, "You lucky they didn't send Priscilla, she hates "B's." when they ask what she means by saying "B's" she snobbishly says "Blacks!"

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