Sweet Daddy with Claude and Bruno

The erstwhile Sweet Daddy Williams flanked by his muscle/bodyguards Claude (left) and Bruno (right) in "Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding" in Season 6.

The parts of Claude and Bruno, two hulking goons/bodyguards who always accompany Sweet Daddy Williams around Chicago, including visits to the Evans' apartment, are  played respectively by former pro football star turned actor Bubba Smith and Larry Greene, who also appears credited as an unnamed hood in three more episodes, firstly in Sweet Daddy Williams's first series appearance in the so-named episode "Sweet Daddy Williams" in Season 2, "Flordia's Homecoming: Part 4, United We Stand" and "Blood Will Tell" in Season 6. Claude appears in three episodes of Good Times, three episodes of the four-episode story and Season 6 opening episodes "Florida's Homecoming: Part 2" and "Florida's Homecoming: Part 3, The Wedding" and "Flordia's Homecoming: Part 4, United We Stand". Bruno appears uncredited in the episodes "Florida's Homecoming: Part 2" and "Florida's Homecoming: Part 3, The Wedding".

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