Ed and JJ

J.J. answers the door for Ed, who has a limo waiting to take Sam to the airport to make a crusade event date in Philly.

Ed, Sam's driver
Reverend Sam's driver Ed
Ed, as played by Danny "Big Black" Rey
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Limo driver, valet, and crusade organizer/paid healed person
Alerts Reverend Sam, an old army buddy of James who's now a TV evangelist, that they had to hurry to make a flight to Philadelphia, as he also exposes Sam's hustle, as he poses as a cripple who is healed in his crusades
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "God's Business is Good Business" in Season 1
Character played by: Danny "Big Black" Rey in an uncredited appearance

Ed, the driver, who is the valet for Reverend Sam, is also an old army buddy of James who's now a big time traveling TV televangelist, appears in the Season 1 episode of Good Times titled "God's Business is Good Business". The part of Ed is played in the episode by Danny "Big Black" Rey in an uncredited appearance.

Rev. Sam introduces Ed to James

Rev. Sam, James's old army buddy, introduces him to Ed.

About EdEdit

When Reverend Sam drops by to cajole James into traveling with him on his crusades, James seriously contemplates doing so, as he promises to pay him heftily, about $100 per day, to Florida's staunch objection. Ed, who not only is Sam's driver, but his personal valet, who also participates in his crusades, as he comes up to the apartment to alert Sam "We have to hurry if were going to catch that plane!" as he says "Our next stop is in Philadelphia... It's a good town to take over that wheelchair gig!", as he had posed as a wheelchair bound old man who was supposedly "healed" by Sam in a healing service which the Evans and Willona all attended.

Florida, who was persuaded only that Sam was a "fake" when she watched his program on TV, says to James "What do you have to say about that ?!", as Sam says "I hire the handicapped!"

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