Pregnant Henrietta

An expecting "Henrietta", J.J.'s latest girlfriend, shows up at the Evans apartment, shocking both Florida and James.

Henrietta in the episode "My Girl Henrietta" in Season 2.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Girlfriend of J.J.'s who shows up at the Evans' apartment to meet the family several months pregnant
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "My Girl Henrietta" (Season 2)
Character played by: Tina Andrews

Henrietta, a girlfriend of J.J.'s appears in the Season 2 episode of Good Times titled "My Girl Henrietta". The part of Henrietta is played by Tina Andrews.

About HenriettaEdit

When J.J. gets a full-time job and starts talking about marriage, Florida and James, who are dead set against the idea of him marrying at only 18 years of age, conclude that he has at last, finally met "the girl of his dreams". Nevertheless, they eagerly prepare to meet his new love, Henrietta. When Henrietta shows up at the apartment -- several months pregnant, it only reinforces their position concerning him marrying. When talking with Thelma in her bedroom, where Thelma says that if she told her parents that she was pregnant, that "they would explode", Henrietta says that her parents didn't seem to care, particular her mother, whom she says, upon her telling her of her pregnancy, "I wonder if being a grandmother means now that I have to start mixing Geritol in with my Gin!"

Presuming that he may possibly have gotten her pregnant, J.J. offers to wed her, but Henrietta, who knows who the father of the child is, reassures him that he isn't the baby's daddy, as she says that she is perfectly content in raising the baby without the baby's father.

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