Leroy "Bad News" Jones
Bad News Jones
"Bad News", as played by David Damas
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Height about 5'6"
Criminal, right hand man to Marion "Sweet Daddy" Williams
Conniving, diminutive sort who conspires to steal the blood type of Sweets from a local blood bank, and tries to bribe J.J. into not showing up for Sweet's needed transfusion, in trying to take over his rackets
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "Blood Will Tell" in Season 6
Character played by: David Damas

Leroy "Bad News" Jones, the right hand man of Marion "Sweet Daddy" Williams, appears in the Season 6 episode of Good Times titled "Blood Will Tell". The part of Bad News is played in the episode by David Damas.

About "Bad News"Edit

In his lone episode appearance in "Blood Will Tell", when Sweet Daddy is laid up in the nearby hospital, in dire need of a blood transfusion to save his life, the diminutive "Bad News", his right hand man, who stands about 5'6", and whom Michael derisively referred to as "his thumb", greedily conspired in trying to take over Sweets' criminal rackets, as well as his place as the "big criminal kingpin of the ghetto", to steal all of U+ blood, a rare blood type, which is Sweet Daddy's type, from a local blood bank.

Because of this Sweet Daddy wound up asking J.J. (more like strongarming), who has his blood type, him into donating his blood, which is the same type as his, for the transfusion, offering him $1,000. Bad News, upon his visit to the Evans' apartment, with goons Claude and Bruno tries to intimidate J.J. into not appearing at the blood transfusion appointment he scheduled with Sweet Daddy for the next day, as he says would be between "He, J.J. and "Rosco", as he opens his blazer jacket to reveal his holster and his pistol!

After threating J.J., he offers him $5,000 not to show up for the transfusion appointment.

When Sweet Daddy learns from J.J., who shows up at the hospital, of Bad News's conspiracy to take over his rackets, and his bribe of J.J. with his money, which he keeps marked, Leroy tries to run out of the hospital room, only to be stopped by Claude and Bruno; as the two goons grab him, he frightened at Sweets' wrath, tries to plead "Can't you take a joke?", as Sweet Daddy replies "Ha, Ha! Now take him outta here!" as he then directs the two goons ''"put him on a plane someplace -- or, as he revises -- parts of him in three or four places!"

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