Loan Shark goons threaten JJ

Two goons threaten to "bust up" J.J. after he borrows $200 from the loan shark they work for to back a very unfunny comic in "J.J. and the Loan Sharks" in Season 4.

Two Loan Shark Goons who  worked for a local hoodlum whom J.J. loaned money from appears in the Season 4 episode of Good Times titled "The Comedian and the Loan Sharks". The parts of the goons are played by James Spinks and Juan DeCarlos.

About the goonsEdit

In their appearance, the two very large hulking goons work for a local area loan shark from whom J.J., who was serving as manager for a one Tyrone Tyler (Gary Veney), a rather shy, timid type who was not funny at all, borrowed $200 from. When J.J.'s act, Tyrone, nervously walked off the stage at the nightclub where he was to perform and where J.J. had booked him perform his act, the two muscle men began to damand the money he owed. After J.J. attempts to perform the act unsuccessfully, Florida, with pleading and prodding, was able to get Stanley Byrd (Theodore Wilson), the club owner, agreed to pay the goons the money, if not for any other reason, so that they wouldn't bust up his nightclub, not to mention J.J!

After one of the goons, to threaten as to what they were going to do to J.J., breaks a wooden chair into pieces with his bare hands, he later, after Mr. Byrd payed off J.J.'s debt, with interest, he says "Ev'rybody's payin' up these days...and the only thing I get to smash up is these chairs!"

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