"Michael's Decision"
Season 6, Episode 8
Number (#117) in series (133 episodes)
Tape date September 21, 1978
Air date: November 8, 1978
Network/Country: CBS-TV / United States
Written by: Gene Farmer
Directed by: Gerren Keith
Production code: 608
IMDb logo IMDB Michael's Decision
Cast Information
Starring: Esther Rolle
Jimmie Walker
Ja'net Dubois
Johnny Brown
Bern Nadette Stanis
Ralph Carter
Janet Jackson
Ben Powers
Guest starring: Nancy Morgan
DeAnn Mears
Howard Morton
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"J.J. the Teacher" (a.k.a. "J.J.'s Favorite Student") "J.J. and the Plumber's Helper"
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Michael's Decision is the eighth episode of Season 6 of Good Times, and the 117th episode overall. Written by Gene Farmer, the episode, which was directed by Gerren Keith, premiered on CBS-TV, originally airing on November 8, 1978.


Michael decides to move out of the apartment to have more freedom. Florida doesn't want him to leave and has a fit when she discovers he plans to have a white girl as a roommate.


Good Times briefly moved from its Saturday-night slot to Wednesday for this sixth season episode. Michael Evans (Ralph Carter) shocks his family, in general, and his mom Florida (Esther Rolle), in particular, when he announces that he wants to move into his own apartment "for more space." What really has Florida up in arms is Michael's new roommate -- an attractive young white girl. Janet Jackson (Penny Woods) does not appear in this episode.

Plot summaryEdit

The Evans apartment feels crowded with Thelma and Keith still living there after their marriage. In addition, things continue to fall apart. Michael decides he can help the situation by moving into his own apartment - with a white girl.

Guest starringEdit

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