Mrs. Baker (Larry's mom)
Bebe Drake as Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Baker in the episode "Florida's Favorite Passenger" in Season 6.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Cocktail bar cashier/waitress/bouncer, wife and mother
Denies her son has a hearing problem, and initially resents Florida's interest in him, until he almost falls down the shaft of the elevator, which Bookman had temporarily out of service, as they try to call him for his mishearing problem, to his mother's flat denial
Spouse(s): Husband, name not mentioned
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1" and "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2" (Season 6)
Character played by: Bebe Drake

Mrs. Baker, the mother of Larry Baker, a grade school student, who rides along with Penny, on the school bus which Florida drives, appears in the Season 6 episode of Good Times titled "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1" and "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2". The part of Mrs. Baker is played by Bebe Drake, who also appeared on the series as Savannah Jones in the Season 3 episode titled "Sweet Daddy Williams".

AboutMrs. BakerEdit

When Florida takes interest in a kid named Larry Baker, who rides on the school bus she drives after he got into a fight with another kid, she invites him to stay and have supper; her concerns about him are substantiated when, after she accidentally drops and shatters a dish which she got of the kitchen cabinet and everybody hears it except for Larry, she begins to suspect that he has a hearing problem.

When Florida invites his mother, Mrs. Baker, over for coffee, and to talk about Larry's hearing, she fiercely denies there being a problem, and takes offense to Florida's concern, not wanting to take medical advice from a "bus driver"; when Florida reminds her the she herself is the mother of two sons, she tells Florida that she has six. When she continues to show resentment over Florida's advice, Florida then suggests that if she didn't want to listen to hers, that maybe she should get a psychologist, as she then says to her "I don't need one to tell her that I'm an unfit mother!", and that "I do the very best that I can for all of her kids!", even tearing up as she adamnamtly exlclaims "the very best!"

Florida advises Mrs. Baker

Florida gets Larry, who questioned whether his mom really "loved him" after she had to get Florida to take him to a doctor for corrective surgery for his hearing because she had to work, making him reconcile with his mother.

Finally, Mrs. Baker acquiesces, and allows Florida to take him to a doctor named Dr. Casey, who described to Florida that Larry suffered from Stapedial Otosclerosis, a hearing impairment condition which could have gotten progressively worse, but was treated by Dr. Casey (Paul Savior), who suggested Larry going through a quick easy corrective surgical procedure which he eventually replaced a corrupted bone in his ear with an artificial implant.

After going through surgery the next day, Larry began questioning that if his mother really cared for him, saying, "If she did care, why didn't she take me to the doctor?" When his mother drops by the Evans' apartment to see how the surgery went to pick up Larry, she voices her displeasure over his, having told her that she didn't care about him after his initial visit to the ear doctor, saying to Florida "I just came to pick up my child, if you don't plan to legally adopt him!" as Florida tries to tell her that she didn't put Larry up to say that to her.

After Florida is able to explain to Larry that his mom still cared, but just didn't catch his hearing problem, Mrs. Baker apologizes for ignoring him and not noticing his problem beforehand.

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