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Millicent "Penny" Gordon Woods

Good times penny

Millicent "Penny" Gordon Woods
9 - 10
Other Names:
Penny,Millicent Gordon
Lenela Gordon (Biological mother)

Willona Woods (Adoptive Mother)

Unnamed Father

James Evans Jr. (love interest)
Portrayed By:
Janet Jackson

Penny Woods was born Millicent Gordon on August 16, 1966 in Chicago, her mother Lenela Gordon (born 1951) was 15 years old when Penny was born,her father left before she was born. Penny's biological mother was abusive to her,she would often have many bandages to cover her wounds. One day Penny tried to get on the bus with no money, JJ saw this and convinced everyone to donate, including the bus driver. She came to the Evans' apartment in search for JJ and didn't want to leave. She gradually falls in love with JJ telling him she would love to marry him someday.Soon after it was later found out that she was abused by her own mother. It took a long ordeal to get Penny adopted. Soon she became the adopted daughter of their good neighbor friend Willona Woods and Penny lived a better life. She was played by Janet Jackson

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