Not to be confused with Savannah Morgan in Season 6.

Savannah Jones
Sweet Daddy and Savannah Jones

Sweet Daddy Williams with his "woman", Savannah Jones, as played by Bebe Drake
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Gets upset at the portrait J.J. paints of her, which Sweet Daddy enlisted him to paint as a birthday present
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "Sweet Daddy Williams" (Season 3)
Character played by: Bebe Drake

Savannah Jones appears in the Season 3 episode of Good Times titled "Sweet Daddy Williams". The part of Savannah is played in the episode by Bebe Drake.

About Savannah Jones and J.J.'s painting of herEdit

When J.J. is enlisted to paint a portrait of Savannah, the girlfriend Sweet Daddy Williams, whom James calls "the most notorious numbers runner in the projects", Sweets gives him a photo of her, which he uses to produce the painting, promising to serve as his sponsor for a one-man art exhibit. When Thelma, curious as to whom J.J. is painting, gets home, the door slams as she shuts it; which disturbs J.J. as she asks "What's wrong?" as he says "I'm trying to paint this chick here, and she looks like Bill Russell!"

When Adrian (Adrian Ricard), a friend of the Evanses drops by, she reveals the person that J.J.'s painting is none other than Savannah, she asks what J.J. is doing making a painting of her as Sweet Daddy drops by to check up on the artist and his painting. A few days later, Savannah, who's just returned from Las Vegas, drops by with Sweet Daddy, who wants her to see the finished project. When Savannah meets J.J. before "the moment of truth", she says to him, as he wears an expensive fur coat, diamonds and fancy hat and glasses Sweets bought for him in appreciation of the painting "I can tell you're a real artist...You look like you starving!"

When she sees the painting, Savannah is, to say it lightly, less than pleased with the finished painting, asking "Who is that?!" saying "See! I don't look like that! I ain't got no hard lines in my face like that!" as she ask Sweets "Ain't I sweet?" as he sheepishly says "Uh, Yeah, you sweet!"

When Savannah threatens to go upside J.J.'s head, the whole family, namely Florida comes to his defense.

Savannah says to Sweets "You is gon' to have to buy me about six more of these here mink coats before I can forgive this one!" She then looks to J.J. and says "And as for you, bean pole, you ought to know a lady when you see one!" as James, taking up for J.J. responds "Well, when he sees one, he'll paint one!", As she leaves the apartment, she calls James a "Sucker!", as he counters with "Skank!"

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