Good Times: Season Six
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CBS-TV, September 16, 1978 - January 30, 1980
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Good Times: Season 6 episodesEdit

This page lists the episode which aired in the sixth and final season of Good Times.

The series had a new character enter the picture, in Keith Anderson, a collegiate football star who was recently drafted by the NFL's Chicago Bears, whom Thelma began dating, and then began courting, as it's depicted in the season opening episode "Florida's Homecoming: Part 1", which was part of a four-episode story; Ben Powers joined the cast and assumed the role. Esther Rolle, who had played the role of Florida Evans, who had left the series at the end of Season 4 because of creative differences with the producer, Norman Lear, over the direction the series was going in, as well as character development, had a change of heart and decided to return to the series.

Janet Jackson, who played the part of Penny, who had went from a recurring character early the previous season to a main character, began to be seen in the opening credits in Season 6. A total of 24 episodes were aired, beginning with the first of the four episode story arc "Florida's Homecoming", which aired on September 16, 1978. The final episode that aired was the episode "Cousin Raymond", in which Calvin Lockhart guest starred as Raymond Brown, Florida's professional gambler cousin. The episode, which was taped on February 22, 1979, aired in January 30, 1980. Actually, the last episode taped was the episode "The End of The Rainbow", where good fortune seemed to spread throughout the Evans' clan, and over to Willona, as they are all able to move out of the projects. The episode was taped on August 1, 1979.

Season 6 (1978–1979) Edit

Season 6 episodes
Image # in series Prod. Code # in season Title Written by Directed by Original air date Tape date
JJ Image Needed 110 601 1 "Florida's Homecoming: Part 1" Michael S. Baser, Kim Weiskopf, & Norman Paul Gerren Keith September 16, 1978 July 27, 1978
Thelma is in love with Keith, a promising football player who's signing a million dollar contract to play for the Chicago Bears. After he proposes marriage, Thelma calls her mother in Arizona to get her permission.
JJ Image Needed 111 602 2 "Florida's Homecoming: Part 2" Joseph Bonaduce (teleplay / story)
Sid Dorfman (teleplay)
Norman Paul (story)
Gerren Keith September 16, 1978 July 27, 1978
Florida moves back home to help plan the wedding, but Thelma's wedding jitters are getting too much for her to handle. To make matters worse, J.J. gets fired.
JJ Image Needed 112 603 3 "Florida's Homecoming: Part 3 (The Wedding)" Sid Dorfman & Wayne Kline (teleplay)
Norman Paul (story)
Gerren Keith September 23, 1978 August 3, 1978
J.J. turns to a loan shark, Sweet Daddy Williams, to get the money to pay for Thelma's wedding. The beautiful ceremony ends with Keith breaking his leg.
JJ Image Needed 113 604 4 "Florida's Homecoming: Part 4 (United We Stand)" Joseph Bonaduce & Bruce Howard (teleplay / story)
Norman Paul (story)
Gerren Keith September 30, 1978 August 10, 1978
Keith's broken leg causes him to lose his million dollar football contract. As a result, Thelma and Keith must live in the Evanses' apartment. And J.J. is faced with a dilemma when Sweet Daddy Williams comes to collect on his loan.
JJ Image Needed 114 605 5 "Florida Gets a Job" Michael G. Moye Gerren Keith October 7, 1978 August 31, 1978
J.J. and Florida are not having much luck looking for employment. She comes across a want ad for a school bus driver, but her chances seem slim when Alderman Fred Davis' relative applies for the same job.
JJ Image Needed 115 606 6 "Stomach Mumps"
a.k.a. Penny and the Facts of Life
Michael G. Moye Gerren Keith October 14, 1978 August 24, 1978
Willona discovers that Penny's 13-year old friend is pregnant. Instead of telling her the truth, Willona tells Penny to stay away from her friend because she has the "stomach mumps."
JJ Image Needed 116 607 7 "J.J. the Teacher"
a.k.a. "J.J.'s Favorite Student"
Mark Fink Gerren Keith October 21, 1978 September 14, 1978
J.J. meets a young student who wants art lessons. Though J.J. offers to teach for free, the boy's father refuses to let him study with J.J.
JJ Image Needed 117 608 8 "Michael's Decision" Gene Farmer Gerren Keith November 8, 1978 September 21, 1978
Michael decides to move out of the apartment to have more freedom. Florida doesn't want him to leave and has a fit when she discovers he plans to have a white girl as a roommate.
JJ Image Needed 118 609 9 "J.J. and the Plumber's Helper" Michael G. Moye Gerren Keith December 2, 1978 October 12, 1978
J.J.'s ex-girlfriend is visiting and plans an expensive night of romance. J.J. can't pay for the evening because he just lost his job.
JJ Image Needed 119 610 10 "The Witness" Joseph Bonaduce (teleplay) & Bruce Howard (teleplay / story) Gerren Keith December 9, 1978 September 28, 1978
J.J. witnesses a car accident between Keith and Savannah, Sweet Daddy Williams' girlfriend. Though it was clearly Savannah's fault, Sweet Daddy forces J.J. to keep his mouth shut, regardless of Keith's injuries.
JJ Image Needed 120 611 11 "The Snow Storm" Len Riley & Bud Slocumb Gerren Keith December 13, 1978 November 16, 1978
Florida gets stuck in a snow storm with a bus full of kids. They must find shelter in an abandoned building to avoid freezing to death.
JJ Image Needed 121 612 12 "The Traveling Christmas"
a.k.a. "Christmas in a Cab"
Sid Dorfman (story)
Wayne Kline & Norman Paul (teleplay)
Gerren Keith December 20, 1978 November 23, 1978
It's Christmas, but Keith's boss won't give him the night off. The Evanses decide to have a party at the taxi-cab company with singing, impersonations and Santa making a visit.
JJ Image Needed 122 513 13 "House Hunting" Gene Farmer Gerren Keith January 3, 1979 October 19, 1978
The Evanses decide to buy a house, but have difficulty convincing the bank manager to give them a loan.
JJ Image Needed 123 614 14 "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1" Michael G. Moye Gerren Keith May 23, 1979 October 26, 1978
Florida realizes that a young boy on her school bus has difficulty hearing. But the boy's mother has difficulty believing Florida.
JJ Image Needed 124 615 15 "Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2" Michael G. Moye Gerren Keith May 30, 1979 November 9, 1978
Florida realizes that a young boy on her school bus has difficulty hearing.
JJ Image Needed 125 616 16 "Blood Will Tell" Anthony Bonaduce & Celia Bonaduce Gerren Keith June 6, 1979 January 18, 1979
Sweet Daddy Williams (Theodore Wilson) needs a blood transfusion and the only one who can help is J.J. In spite of his reluctance, Sweet Daddy's thugs grab J.J. from his apartment and take him to the hospital.
JJ Image Needed 126 617 17 "Where Have All the Doctors Gone?" Carmen Finestra (story) Mark Fink & Julia Ann Mason (teleplay) Gerren Keith June 13, 1979 February 15, 1979
Penny gets sick while Willona is out of town and Florida takes her to the free clinic. The out-of-touch doctor has difficulty relating to the people in the inner-city and threatens to leave in the midst of a neighborhood health crisis.
JJ Image Needed 127 618 18 "J.J. and T.C." Mark Fink & Wayne Kline Gerren Keith June 20, 1979 March 8, 1979
T.C., Bookman's assistant has a crush on J.J., but he only thinks of her as a tomboy - until he sees her provocatively dressed at a local bar.
JJ Image Needed 128 619 19 "The Physical"
a.k.a. Florida's Physical
Len Riley & Bud Slocumb Gerren Keith July 11, 1979 January 25, 1979
Florida must pass a physical in order to keep her bus driving job. Instead of resting the night before, she must deal with mayhem when Michael gets arrested.

Guest Star: Kim Fields

JJ Image Needed 129 620 20 "A Matter of Mothers" Michael G. Moye & Jacqueline Henken Gerren Keith July 18, 1979 February 1, 1979
Someone is trying to make Willona look like an unfit mother.

Guest star: Chip Fields as Ms. Gordon, Penny's mother.

JJ Image Needed 130 621 21 "The End of the Rainbow" Mark Fine & Wayne Kline Gerren Keith August 1, 1979 March 1, 1979
A whirlwind of good fortune hits the Evans household when Keith is offered another football contract, J.J. gets a job at a comedy company and Willona moves to the same fancy apartment building as Keith, Thelma and Florida.
JJ Image Needed 131 622 22 "The Evans' Dilemma" Michael G. Moye (teleplay) & Cecil M. Brown (teleplay & story) Gerren Keith September 18, 1979 December 14, 1978
Keith is acting very bizarre, but his odd behavior has little to do with stress from looking for work. No one knows he's hiding a bad drinking problem.
JJ Image Needed 132 623 23 "The Art Contest" Joseph Bonaduce Gerren Keith December 13, 1979 December 21, 1978
J.J. has entered an art contest he's sure to win. But when he forgets his art portfolio, he relies on Bookman to bring it to the contest. After winning first prize, J.J. realizes that he entered the wrong painting.
JJ Image Needed 133 624 24 "Cousin Raymond" Bill Duke & Walter Smith Gerren Keith January 30, 1980 February 22, 1979
Florida's cousin Raymond visits bringing lavish gifts for everyone. But when Florida discovers how Raymond came into the money, she refuses to accept the three bedroom apartment he gives her.

Guest star: Calvin Lockhart as Raymond Brown, Florida's cousin.

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