Susan Batson
Susan Batson promoting her new book "Truth" in 2013.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: 1944
Birthplace: Roxbury, Massachusetts, U.S.
Career information
Film, television actress, author, acting coach
Years active: 1965-present
Series involved with: Good Times

Susan Batson made a guest appearance on Good Times as a snooty Unemploymet office Clerk in the Season 4 episode titled "J.J.'s New Career: Part 1". A producer, actress, author, acting coach, and a life member of the Actors Studio.[1] Susan's mother, Ruth Batson, was a noted civil rights activist. She trained with Harold Clurman, Uta Hagen, [Herbert Berghof, and Lee Strasberg. She coaches actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Juliette Binocha. Susan Batson is considered one of the most significant coaches in the world.


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