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Thelma Evans Anderson


Thelma Evans Anderson
Maiden Name:
Thelma Evans
High School Student (Formerly)
College Student(Currently)
Florida Evans (Mother)

James Evans Sr. (Father; deceased)
James Evans Jr. "JJ" (Older Brother)
Michael Evans (Younger Brother)
Henry Evans ( Grandfather)
Wilbur Wilson (uncle)
Raymond (Cousin)
Edgar (cousin)
Cleatus (cousin)
Unnamed Aunt
Gladly Wilson (Grand mother maternal)
Mr. Wilson (Grandfather Maternal)

Clara (great aunt; deceased)
Keith Anderson (1978-
Portrayed by:
Bern Nadette Stanis

Thelma was born on June 18, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois as the middle child and only daughter,of  Florida Evans and James Evans Sr. She grew up on the South-side of Chicago in a poverty section in a cold water flat with her parents and older brother. When her mother was pregnant with her younger brother Michael, the family moved to  the North-side of Chicago in The Housing Projects. As Thelma became a teenage she became interested in acting, dancing and in dating men. Her favorite actor was Billy Dee Williams and her favorite musicians were Isaac Hayes, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye.Thelma had various boyfriends and fiancees, Thelma is not afraid to stand up to her older brother JJ and any other person who tries to take advantage of her. She's a "daddy's girl," and her father can be over-protective from time to time. But that doesn't stop Thelma from being obsessed with boys (and accepting a few marriage proposals!). Like the rest of her family, she also dreams of moving out of her housing project. But until the day that dream is realized, Thelma does her best to be as much help as she can to her mother and around the house. Her constant fighting with J.J. is too much for her parents to deal with at times, but their love for each other is deep. With her family behind her, Thelma is reassured that she will survive her teenage suffering.

Thelma married Keith Anderson in 1978, a college athlete who had a bright future. But at their wedding, Keith tripped over J.J. who was taking pictures, and hurt his knee. This event led to Keith developing a drinking problem and eventually getting a job as a taxicab driver. By 1979 Thelma and Keith were moving into a new apartment near Lake Michigan after Keith completely recovered from his knee injury had finally got his contract to play football for the Chicago Bears. She then allowed her mother to live along with her because of her pregnancy since she would need help taking care of the baby. At the end of the series Thelma & Keith were expecting. 


Bern Nadette who portrayed Thelma Evans was actually 20 years old when the show premiered during 1973-74 season, and was 25 years old when the show ended at the end of the 1978-79 season.

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