Tyrone Tyler
Tyrone Tyler

The nervous, talentless comic Tyrone, played by Gary Veney in "The Comedian and the Loan Sharks" in Season 4.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Talentless, shy comic hopeful who chickens out of a gig at a nightclub that J.J., who served as his manager, booked him to perform
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "The Comedian and the Loan Sharks" (Season 4)
Character played by: Gary Veney

Tyrone Tyler, a talentless comic which J.J. books for a local nightclub performance, only to bomb miserably, appears in the Season 4 episode of Good Times titled "The Comedian and the Loan Sharks". The part of Tyrone is played in the episode by comedian/actor Gary Veney.

About TyroneEdit

When two very large hulking goons work for a local area loan shark from whom J.J., who was serving as manager for Tyrone, who's a rather shy, timid type who was not funny at all, borrowed $200 from. When J.J.'s act, Tyrone, who, while rehearsing his act with J.J. at the Evans' apartment the day before, couldn't get the punchline of one joke right, as J.J. had to correct him in delivering it.

When the moment of truth occurs at the nightclub the next evening, Tyrone nervously walked off the stage and skipped out of the nightclub where he was to perform and where J.J. had booked him to perform his act, leaving J.J. holding the bag, having to perform the act himself as the goons began to demand the money he owed. After J.J. attempts to perform the act unsuccessfully, Florida, with pleading and prodding, was able to get Stanley Byrd (Theodore Wilson), the club owner, to pay the goons the money J.J. owed.

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