Office clerk
Susan Batson as Clerk
Susan Batson as the snooty Unemployment Office clerk in "J.J.'s New Career: Part 1" in Season 4.
Personal Information
Desk Clerk, Cook County (IL) Unemployment Office
Angers J.J., who's applying for unemployment compensation, with her snooty, callously curt demeanor
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "J.J.'s New Career: Part 1" (Season 4)
Character played by: Susan Batson

The Office Clerk who works in the the Unemployment office where J.J. seeks to apply for unemployment, and look for job openings appear in the Season 4 episode of Good Times titled "J.J.'s New Career: Part 1". The part of the clerk is played by Susan Batson.

JJ in Unemployment office

J.J. runs into the snooty, unconcerned clerk in the unemployment office in "J.J.'s New Career: Part 2".

About the clerkEdit

When J.J., who again lost his job, goes into the unemployment office searching for any possible job openings, he has to deal with the snooty office clerk, who walks right up to her desk, as she says to him "Sir, we do have rules just can't butt in line...put your cand in the basket and wait your turn like everyone else!" as he takes a seat, only to have her call his name in a high nasally pitch "J.J. Evans?"

When she picks his resume (the only one in the basket) form the basket, she looks it over and says to him "You know, there are some people who are very easy to place into jobs...and then there are people like you!" When he asks "What's wrong with me?", she says "Oh, Mr. Evans!" as she looks over his resume and tells him that she's afraid that she could'nt find anything in his line of work. When he asks to find something in a new line, she nonchalantly thumbs through the job leads she has on her desk, asking if he could opearate an IBM computer; when he says he can't, she names other open jobs such as envelope and machine adjustee, die cast operator, drill press operator, that he isn't capable of doing.

When she tells him he has to wait 3 weeks for unemployment compensation, he laments "3 weeks !? My rent's due in 5 days! You gotta do something to help me! My family depends on it!" as he goes back to nonchalantly stamping papers as she calls for the next person "Eugene Pruitt!"

Angry at the curt demeanor of the clerk, he says "I hope you lose your job, so you'll have to stand in line and deal with people like you!" as he takes her stamp and stamps several papers on her desk out of disgust!"

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