Walter Ingles
J.A Preston as Walter Ingles
Walter, as played by J.A. Preston
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Machine shop owner, Chicago, IL
Meets Willona through J.J., his art teacher, whom he takes lessons from; begins dating Willona, who is able to look past him being deaf
Character information
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: "Willona's Dilemma" (Season 3)
Character played by: J.A. Preston

Walter Ingles, one of J.J.'s art students, appears in the Season 3 episode of Good Times titled "Willona's Dilemma". The part of Walter is played in the episode by J.A. Preston.

About WalterEdit

When J.J. introduces Willona to Walter, one of his art students, whom he invited to have dinner over the Evans apartment, Willona, who has been having romantic troubles lately, is immediately taken with his good looks, as they, instead of staying for dinner, go out for dinner that evening. When he reveals to the Evanses and Willona that he has been totally deaf for over a year, which seems to throw a monkey wrench in his relationship with Willona.

When he reveals that he can interpret what people say by reading their lips, everyone is able to look past his disability, as Willona and he began dating one another, with J.J. sending messages to him when he is at his apartment, carrier pigeon, as he cannot use a telephone.

When Michael curiously asks Walter, who owns a machine in shop downtown Chicago, where he employs 10 people who are also deaf, how he wakes up in the morning, as he can't use a regular alarm clock, he tells him that most deaf people, which includes he, have a bright light rigged to their alarm clock, which flashes in their face when it goes off.

Seems as if things are getting hot and heavy after a week of dating, until Willona fears that Walter is preparing to ask her to marry him, as she doesn't wish to go into a serious commitment, but is afraid that if she spills the beans on her feelings, that he would think that she was turning him down because he was deaf; when she confronts Walter, after talking to Florida and James about it, it turns out that doesn't wish to be tied down to a serious commitment either, as they agree to continue going out together as friends.

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